Michael Wheatland

Chemical Engineer

Trained in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at The University of Melbourne.

Worked across many industries including water, chemical manufacturing, mining, minerals processing.

A strong internal advocate for sustainable manufacturing and best practices.

Environmental Advocate

Growing up in Sherbrooke Forest inspired me to become passionate about reducing carbon and environmental impact.

Now sustainability is my primary focus. Looking for ways to more positively impact the environment and the world around us using science and technology.

Community Group Leader

I enjoy playing an active role in many community groups including social, hobby and special interest.

I am politically active, but I ensure this plays a back seat to my contribution to positive outcomes to society.

A Creative process engineer and a professional, inclusive and collaborative team leader.

Driven by values of fairness, diversity and best use of finite resources to develop potential into results through new and innovative solutions. I look for ways to contribute in a positive way in every aspect of my life.

A believer in the positive power of community and the ongoing benefits provided by a healthy society and environment. I am a proud Australian who envisages a future free from suffering, where collaboration drives continual breakthroughs.

I am active with local community groups, local business groups, think tanks and policy committees.

The University of Melbourne

Chemical EngineeringChemistry

Institute of Chemical Engineers

Chartered Engineer

Engineering Council

Chartered Engineer

Board of Professional Engineers QLD

Registered Engineer

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Email: michael@wheatland.com.au

Phone: +61 (0)400 818 117

USA: +1 (415) 800-4070

NZ: +64 (09) 889-1120


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