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An Internationally Chartered Engineer turned commercial manager who is passionate about sustainable outcomes through carbon reduction technology, waste to energy projects, community energy, infrastructure management, battery manufacturing and other clean energy projects.

From concept to design of the unique carbon negative mineral technology core to a new patented Flash Calcination process, Michael has been instrumental in commercialization of this home grown Australian technology that is now being exported around the world to reduce environmental impact from the construction industry.

Michael is now responsible for the Victoria, Southern NSW, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand regions, helping the energy, mining, mineral, water, wine, paper and other manufacturing industries to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Michael has successfully implemented multi-million dollar projects with Rio Tinto, BHP, Alcoa and now with Calix, all of which contribute to his vision of a more sustainable world.

Business Leader

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Sustainability Leader

Working with local community groups
Practical and local solutions for large problems.

A Creative process engineer and a professional, inclusive and collaborative team leader.

Driven by values of fairness, diversity and best use of finite resources to develop potential into results through new and innovative solutions. Michael looks for ways to contribute in a positive way in every aspect of life.

A believer in the positive power of community and the ongoing benefits provided by a healthy society and environment. He is a proud Australian who envisages a future free from suffering and scarcity, where collaboration drives continual breakthroughs.

I am active with local community groups, local business groups, think tanks and policy committees.


The University of Melbourne

Graduate of Science and Engineering

Institute of Chemical Engineers

Chartered Engineer

Engineering Council

Internationally Chartered Engineer

Board of Professional Engineers QLD

Registered Engineer

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