Michael Speaks About

Carbon Negative Minerals Technology

Sustainability and clean energy technology including waste to energy.

Climate Change Science and the action that we can take.

Public Policy and Community Advocacy

Better Futures Forum

Michael is speaking at the Better Futures forum about Better Futures for Heavy Industry.

Along side amazing speakers such as Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon.

To see the full program visit Better Futures.

Waste to Energy Forum

Michael is speaking at the Waste to Energy Forum in Ballarat about using carbon negative chemical products to boost the clean energy output of waste to energy power plants.

To see the full conference program visit AIEN.

WIOA Water Conference

Michael has presented at WIOA Water and environment conferences across Australia about using sustainable technology to recondition concrete structures and avoid mineral acid corrosion.

To see the full conference programs visit WIOA.

California and Hawaii Water and Environment Conferences

Michael presented at the Hawaii Water and Environment Association about using technology to revolutionise the water networks to reduce their emissions and improve infrastructure management of concrete assets.

To see the full programs of the conferences visit:

California Water and Environment Association

Hawaii Water and Environment Association